Best Office Chair For Lower Back Pain Under $300 In 2021

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Are you searching for the best office chair for lower back pain under $300? You’ve come to the right spot. If you’ve made it here, you’re presumably on the lookout for a mid-to-high-end office chair under $300.

Suppose the sitting position at the work desk isn’t perfect. It can lead to fatal diseases in the body in the future. No matter how much exercise you do to burn off the calories, you receive.

The backpressure that comes out of your chair at your desk won’t leave you until you’re right in your sitting spot. A playful sitting environment in a high-stress work area is needed for long-term health benefits and productivity.

So, it’s essential to pick the right office chair to make you enjoy sitting when you’re working when you’re out on the search for the right office chair with $300 in your wallet.

There are a number of office chairs from various vendors that appear to be useful in ergonomics and durable enough to hold up for the next 4–5 years. So, Here at the ChairPicks, we analyzed hundreds of office chairs in a $300 price range.

After our research, we rounded up some office chairs under $300 for you. So you don’t end up wasting your money and time by getting a horrible office chair for yourself.

Our Advice

Spending up to $300 will give you the correct posture that will ultimately lead to increased efficiency and task management. So, we think you can never gamble on spending your money on a nice office chair that can give you a lot of health and work-related benefits!

Best Office Chair For Lower Back Pain Under $300 Review

We’ll end with a handy little buyer’s guide on how to find a correct office chair in this $300 price range, with precisely what you can look for while you’re doing your product testing.

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

This chair comes in just under the 300 dollar price point (as of this writing) and offers a degree of control and long-term comfort, you’d imagine, as you move into the next price bracket.

So, while you’re not having the brand name mark-up or soup-to-nuts ergonomic features you’re going to get with, for example, Herman Miller Aeron, you’re going to get a good bang for your buck.

Let’s start with the mesh material as we look at the main features. This chair has a cool and breathable mesh from top to bottom. If you like mesh, that’s a huge plus. We also know that some people do like real leather, bonded leather, or imitation leather,

It means that the chair will serve you well over long sitting hours, even in a hotter time. Next, the Gabrylly ergonomic office chair has the usual adjustability features that you would find of any traditional ergonomic task chair, with a few other settings that we enjoy.

For one, the headrest is flexible both in height and tilting. Then you have a tilting backrest with a reclining length of 90 to 120 degrees. It also has a tension adjustment knob to control the tilting flex. However, the foldable armrests are what we like.

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

School is a Chinese company that produces ergonomically equipped office chairs. Their M-series office chairs offer various flexible configurations and sleek styling at an affordable price point.

As far as ergonomics are concerned, this chair’s primary emphasis is (hence the name). Starting with a height, angle, and spin adjustable multi-rotational headrest and down to a height and depth flexible lumbar support area.

The reclining size on this chair varies from 90 to 120 degrees with a lock tilting and a stress control knob. So, you can lock the chair at the angle you like or change the voltage to regulate the resistance as you rock back and forth.

Other useful features on the Sihoo include multi-surface PU casters for a number of floor surfaces. A sleek and durable 5-star foundation made of aluminum. A densely padded W-shaped seat with cotton fabric and a modern mesh backrest.

You get all this just for under $300, which is a ton at this price point. We like this chair so much that we’ve even included it in our revamped list of the best ergonomic office chairs for 2021.

Ergonomics Mesh High Back Chair w/Adjustable Headrest and Armrests

This budget office chair gives you the full bang for your buck. It has a multi-function headrest that is flexible and rotates to maintain a relaxed position. The chair has usable lumbar support that is the most robust support for all sorts of back issues.

It’s built to minimize spine discomfort. The lower back support increases the standard curve of the spine when you’re sitting for hours. It has a 3D multi-function armrest that is fully flexible.

It also has a breathable mesh built to allow airflow to cool when you’re seated. This office chair is comfortable due to its high-elastic mesh backrest and double mesh pad cushion. It has a 3D multi-function armrest that is fully flexible.

It also has a breathable mesh built to allow airflow to cool when you’re seated. This office chair is comfortable due to its high-elastic mesh backrest and double mesh pad cushion.

Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support Arms Executive Rolling Swivel PU

Go for this alternative for an ergonomic office chair for lower back pain that looks like a high end. The seat is built to keep you warm and bring a bit of panache to your office.

It has a soft PU leather finish that is both oil and waterproof. It has an ergonomic design, padded backrest, and seat cushion that relieves back pain and leg pain while enhancing the posture.

The chair is flexible to meet your particular needs. You can change the height and tilt it according to your needs. It also has a 360° swivel wheel. The chair is ideal for both short and wide users and is BIFMA certified.

SIHOO Ergonomics Office Chair With Adjustable Headrests, Backrest and Armrest’s

It’s tough to find an ergonomic office chair with a footrest of less than $300. Two characteristics of the chair of the School Office stand out.

We love that it has a retractable and flexible padded footrest for users to relax and take a break. Second, this chair has the right mix of mesh fabric and cotton fabric. Many chairs use only one form of material for their chair.

The Sihoo chair uses an elastic cotton-style seat pad for a nice soft cushion and uses a mesh back to provide improved spinal support and air circulation. We are also impressed by the excellent features of Sihoo.

It is equipped with a high backrest and an adjustable padded headrest. Users will move the headrest up and down to around four inches. Also, the headrest will spin back up to 45 degrees.

The school has all the functionality you’ve come to expect from a high-quality office chair. Users will use the back knob to change the lumbar support to meet their needs. Other modification features include seat height, armrest, and backrest angle.

STAPLES Hyken Perfect Desk Chair for The Modern Office

If you’re a lover of mesh chairs and want a sleek style, the Staples Hyken Chair seems to suit the bill. It features a sturdy, breathable mesh back that keeps users comfortable.

Mesh material is suitable for maximizing the breathability and airflow of your seat. Warm seats will generally create a lot of discomforts. The Staples Hyken Chair is also built with a high backrest with an adjustable headrest, suitable for taller people.

If the backrest is short in length or the headrest is not flexible, tall people seem to get the stick’s short end. It also has all the usual configurations you’d need in the office chair, such as seat height, armrest height, tilting lock, and stress.

This product comes in three colors available: black, charcoal gray, and red better to complement the current home decor of your office room.

The Hyken comes with soft and sturdy carpet casters so that you can switch your chair around quickly. It even carries up to 250 pounds, making it the perfect seat for most people.

Smugdesk Office Chair with Padding Armrest and Adjustable Headrest Black

This seat provides many flexible settings for optimum relaxation and flow of blood, along with breathable mesh fabric for improved ventilation. Ergonomic, stretchy, and breathable with extensive lumbar support.

The SmugChair 5579 Back Mesh Executive Chair features an adjustable and ergonomic style that offers long-lasting support even during prolonged usage periods.

It’s made of a breathable mesh fabric that facilitates proper circulation and protects the body from overheating. The office chair is dark black with a textile fabric piece and measures 24.88 x 17.2 x 46.46 inches.

This office seat features outstanding lumbar support mainly because it can be moved up and down to suit your lower back position. Getting this alternative allows you to encourage improved blood supply both throughout your back and in your body.

The Viva also features armrests that are flexible only in height. They are not adjustable back and forth. This will restrict you to how close you can get to your desk when sitting in this chair.

Even if you’re a taller guy, you can feel some pain from the lower headrest. Therefore, this office furniture is not for everybody, and it would be a smart idea for any taller person to check out high back designs.

Amazon Basics Swivel Office Desk Chair with Armrest

The AmazonBasics Classic office chair features durable leather upholstery on both the backrest and the seat itself. Along with this fabric, the chair is fully flexible, and the cushions are super soft to facilitate improved blood flow while seated.

Pair it along with an inexpensive price tag, and you’ve got an office chair that’s hard to top. Features extra soft, sturdy, and easy-to-clean upholstery leather. The chair is also lightweight, making it easier to use anywhere, regardless of the room available.

Unfortunately, the armrests cannot be changed. Still, the chair makes up for this by making the armrests extra comfortable with additional padding, apart from the absence of a headrest or flexible armrests.

Most of the settings of this office chair can be changed. It’s one of the finest office chairs on the market today. It features a unique tilting mechanism that allows you to lock in a ratio of 2:1 to facilitate improved blood flow and comfort.

Just as the right workplace stability chair may mean the difference between a slouched back and an active, focused heart to boost alertness and attention on assignments.

Office Star High Back Breathable ProGrid Back and Seat Adjustable

The Office Star High Back Chair provides outstanding back support, which fits well for people who worry about chairs that do not have enough back support. The back tile comes with a friction adjustment, allowing users to adjust how far back the chair is reclined.

The built-in lumbar means that the lower back is stabilized while you work. What I enjoy most about the Office Star Progrid Chair is its overall robust yet incomprehensible nature. When you spend $300 on a chair, you’re planning it to last a couple of years.

The Office Star’s sturdy metal foundation and plastic pieces both sound incredibly durable and made to last. Heavier people can also relax more comfortably, recognizing that the chair is firmly built.

The one downside of the chair is the narrow width of the chair, only 20 inches wide. This does not accommodate those with wider waistlines. Tall people would also find it harder to rest their legs safely, as they might end up leaning on the frame.

The Office Star Chair is easy to install due to a comparatively limited number of moving pieces. Considering the price, the sturdy materials used in the chair, and the ergonomic functionality it provides.

This ergonomic office chair offers a tremendous value for money for people searching for an ergonomic, reliable chair with good back support.

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair with 3D Adjustable Armrest

The Nouhaus is a versatile, ergonomic office chair with a degree of adjustability usually seen on far more luxurious seats. Precisely, everything from headrest, seatback, armrest to lumbar support can be adjusted to reach a perfect degree of ergonomics and comfort.

Users with chronic lower back or neck pain will find a lifesaver in the Nouhaus Chair. The ergonomic chair features a 3-layer contoured backrest that looks like the outline of your back.

Providing comfort where you need it most, usually in your lower back. Unfortunately, the lumbar support height is not adjustable, but it appears to be ideally located for most people and needs no modification.

The Nouhaus Chair’s backrest is made of an all-mesh material that keeps you cool even after extended touching. Experts claim that it maintains a reclining angle of 135 degrees, a great tip to minimize spinal and back pain.

I love the arm leaning on the Nouhaus, which can be bent inward and outward, aside from being flexible in height and weight.

For the arms, this is one of the essential ergonomic features to search for since the angled armrest helps you to take a more neutral stance as you write.

All in all, with so many customizable functions and an installation process that only requires a few screws, the Nouhaus Chair is one of the best you can find in the $300 range.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Lumbar Support and Rollerblade Wheels

This chair truly defines the adaptability of the office chair. Anything from the headrest to lumbar support, height, armrest position, backrest tilting, and stress can be changed to accommodate the stance and use.

This chair also gives you the ideal mix of breathable mesh back and extra dense seat cushioning for unmatched underneath comfort. The contemporary design will complement any office décor.

Because of the different changes you can make, this chair promotes appropriate posture. People with severe back problems have replaced their old chair with a Duramont ergonomics chair and have enjoyed extreme relief.

We noticed the construction to be very solid, and the rollerblade wheels have greater mobility. The chair reclines in a comfortable posture without any turmoil. Most people say this is the best buy under $300.

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest

Hercules’ name is symbolic of the reality that this chair is mean, durable, and strongly built, and we have to admit that the chair lives up to its name.

You’ll be satisfied with the overall thicker padding, the height-adjustable headrest, the padded armrest, and the back tilting adjustment. The bonded leather used here is of the highest quality, improving appearance and longevity.

This Flash Furniture office chair has a sleek look with a classy edge. Undoubtedly, it is built to have heavy users in mind to provide more vital lumbar support.

The cushioning of the chair is of the highest quality, high in comfort and support. Users who spend 30–40 hours a week on this chair claim they have ‘zero complaints.’

How do you choose the best office chairs for lower back pain?

The best office chairs for lower back pain will protect the back and encourage healthy posture. They contain much of the following features:

Adjustable seat height and armrests

You should be able to sit on the floor with your knees down, your thighs horizontal, and your arms even at the height of your desk. Your arms should be able to rest easily on your desk, and your wrists should be flat while you write.

Adjustable lumbar support

Lumbar support is an integral aspect of a broad chair. It needs to be adjustable to the body, though, or it might potentially inflict additional discomfort. Look for those with height, or even depth, flexible lower back supports.

Mesh back chairs

Mesh upholsteries are ideally suited to stretch and shape over your back than leather or cushioned seats.

Correct seat depth

When you’re sitting, your back should be covered entirely, and the ends of your knees should not touch the pain of the bench.

Waterfall design

Similarly, a waterfall seat edge (one that slides forward) will reduce the legs’ pressure and facilitate good blood circulation.


It is also crucial that your chair rotate to allow you to access various parts of the desk without straining. In comparison, chairs with at least five legs are more likely to roll without much effort. Some of the best chairs are also promoting movement, which we will explore shortly.


Have we given an option for an office chair that will fit you? We hope our Top list of office chairs featured the design and features you’ve been waiting for so far.

By increasing your budget to a few hundred bucks, you are investing in a better-built chair, obvious ergonomics, and 3D adjustments that will completely adjust the chair to your body. By changing the chair accordingly, you can reduce back and neck pain, improve efficiency and preserve relaxation.

If you know people are searching for options to buy the perfect ergonomic office chair for under $300, we would be thankful if you could share this article with them.

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