How do you level ground before turfing?

Kevin K. Shaw
2 min readNov 16, 2021

How to prepare your soil for turfing

  1. Clear away any plants, weeds and debris.
  2. Dig or rotovate soil to at least 15cm deep.
  3. Improve soil texture or quality if necessary.
  4. Level the area.
  5. Firm the soil.
  6. Add pre-turfing fertiliser.
  7. Rake and level again.
  8. Lay your turf.

People also ask, does ground have to be level for artificial grass?

To have nice clean, smooth foundations on whichtolay your artificial grass I remove theturf,soil, vegetation and any large rocks or stonesuntil I reachthe natural sub base. This will generally requirebetween 3–4inches of excavation depending on thelocation.

can you lay artificial grass directly on soil? Unfortunately laying artificial grass directlyontop of soil or existing grass just willnotwork.

Besides, do I need to compact soil before laying turf?

If your ground is extremely compact oryoursoil has a clay base, you may require a bobcat torelievecompaction, then apply gypsum to the under soilbefore theturf goes down so the roots can growthrough thislayer. Use a roller to firm the soil, butdon’tcompact it.

What sand do you put under artificial grass?

Laying on soil or sand base For best results, you should lay yourturfon a 35mm layer of compacted sharp sand. Tomaintain levelsit may be necessary to remove an equivalent amountof the topsoil.It is unwise to leave vegetable materialunder your newgrass as this will rot downunevenly.



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