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Kevin K. Shaw
2 min readJan 19, 2021

You can find a lot of styles and models for office chairs. Mostly, these chairs are designed to preserve comfort and ease of view. For people to sit all day and work with concentration, these seats must be very convenient and comfortable. There are so many aspects that make it ideal for anyone, and one key factor is its height adjustability.

If the office chairs are flexible, various people will reshape them according to their position. Depending on their comfort, the height could be lowered or increased. A lot of chairs come with built-in levers to change the height.

But what if there’s no lever in the chair or the lever is broken? This post will find a way to raise an office chair without a lever lift, even if the lever is not in place or not working correctly.

Why Do We Need To Lift The Chair?

If the chair is lower than the height of the table, or the person is short in height, you might need to lift the chair to get it to a suitable position.

Other than that, if you’re already seated on a short heightened chair, you might get back pain, your balance might be disturbed, you might have to lean on the table, and several other problems might emerge.

But it’s easier to change the height than to get pressure in the neck or back along with a poor posture. Since you spend most of your time in the workplace, sitting on the chair.

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